Hoover 03210179 Rear Bearing


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  • Manufacturer Guarantee1 year
  • EAN8032766818867

Brass bearing fitted at the rear of the drum to fit tumble dryer models as listed or as directed
Candy Tumble Dryer
CC217-80, CC217-88, CC217-SY, CC266-S, CC266T-47, CC267-37, CC267-80, CC267T-01S, CC267T-47, CC267T-84, CC267T-88, CC276T-47, CC277T-86S, CD6720-ISR, CDC165-83SY, CDC168-SY, CDC179X-88, CDC263, CDC263CH, CDC266UK, CDC266X, CDC266XCH, CDC267ESY, CDC268EX, CDC268TEX, CDC268TEXCH, CDC668-37, CDC668-47, CDC668-SY, CDC679X-SY, CDC679XT-88, CDC768-47, CDC779X-86SY, CDC779XT-88, CDC779XT-SY, CDE107-80, CDV160-SY, CDV262, CDV262-04ARG, CDV262ES, CDV262UK, CDV265E, CDV265EX, CDV660-37, CDV660-47, CDV660-SY, CDV671XSY, CIC209TX, CIC209X, CIC209XCH, CIC258E, CIC259EX, CIC259TEX, CIC259TEXCH, CIC60, CIV109, CIV109OS, CIV139X, CIV139XC, CIV145E, CIV149EX, CIV14M, CIV60, CIVD14EX, CV116-80, CV116-SY, CV117-04S, CV117-OS, CV166-37, CV166-37/0, CV166-47, CV166-47/0, CV166-S, CV167-47, GODC778-37, GODC78-01S, GODC78-88, KT6EMAX
Hoover Tumble Dryer
HC75XT-47, HDC60ECH, HDC60ESY, HDC6UK, HDC70XSY, HDC75TEXCH, HDC75TEXDE, HDC75TEXFR, HDC75TEXSY, HDC7FME, HDC7FMUK, HDC7UK, HDV60SY, HDV6UK, HDV70EXFR, HDV70XSY, HDV75EXDE, HDV7FMUK, HHD775X-80, HHD775X-84, HHD780X-30S, HHD780X-47, HNC160-80, HNC170-80, HNC170S-80, HNC171X-SY, HNC172-80, HNC172S-80, HNC175-80, HNC175S-80, HNC180-80, HNC180-SY, HNC180S-80, HNC260-SY, HNC270-80, HNC271X, HNC271XS-SY, HNC360B-88, HNC360S, HNC375T-30S, HNC375T-80, HNC375T-84, HNC375T-88, HNC380-80, HNC382T-80, HNC470T-84, HNC480-SY, HNC485T-86, HNC770T-80, HNC771X-SY, HNC771XT, HNC771XT-84, HNC771XT-SY, HNC775T-80, HNC780BT-84, HNC780BT-88, HNC780BT-SY, HNC780T-47, HNV160-80, HNV160-SY, HNV171X-ISR, HNV171X-SY, HNV172-80, HNV270-80, HNV271X-89, HNV375-80, HNV375-80/0, HNV375-S, HNV375-S/0, HNV380-47, HNV380-80, HNV380-SY, HNV771X, HSC170-80, HSV170-80, HV71X-47, KIT HNC171SY, KIT HNV171X, NHC771XT-89, PFC170-80, PFV170-80, PPC160-80, PPC160J-80, PPV160-80, TC650 001, TCE61 031, TCE62 061, TCE63 011, TCE63 021, TCE64 001, TCE660 001, TCX51 031, TCX52 061, TCX53 011, TV630 001, TV640 001, TVE41 031, TVE42 061, TVE43 011, TVE43 014, TVX31 031, TVX33 011, TVX33 014
Otsein Tumble Dryer
OHDC7X, OHDV6, OHDV70, OHDV7EX, OHDV7X, OHHD780X-37, OHNC171X-37, OHNC173-37, OHNC271XS-37, OHNC272X-37, OHNC475TS-37, OHNC480TS, OHNC485T-37, OHNC771X-37, OHNC775XT-37, OHNV171X-37, OHNV175-37, OHNV271X-37, OHNV273X-37, OHNV375-37, OHNV380-37, SCH630E, SCH653X, SVC635E, SVD610EH, SVH633X, SVH643E
Iberna Tumble Dryer
IDC60-88, IDC60-SY, ITD54V, ITD55CX
Kelvinator Tumble Dryer

Technical Specification

Technical Specification Further Description No
Alternate Part Number HVR03210179, HVR09201199, 09201199, 5031689921114, CAN03210179
EAN Number No
Manufacturer Candy
Genuine Part Yes